My mom crocheting during one of her chemo treatments.

My mom, Pam, crocheting during one of her chemo treatments.

My mom taught me the basics of crochet but I wanted to know more stitches and techniques so I searched “learn to crochet” on the internet and found so many great step by step videos and articles. The videos and teaching tools by Annie’s are some of the best I have found. I know you will soon be creating beautiful handmade items. Good luck and happy crocheting.

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Lesson 1 – How to Hold Your Crochet Hook

Lesson 2 – How to Slip Knot and Chain Stitch

Lesson 3 – Working Into the Chain

Lesson 4 – How to Single Crochet

Lesson 5 – How to Double Crochet

Lesson 6 – How to Half Double Crochet

Lesson 7 – How to Treble Crochet

Lesson 8 – How to Slip Stitch

Lesson 9 – Yarn Over

Lesson 10 – How to Crochet Turning Chain

Lesson 11 – How to Join Yarn

Lesson 12 – How to Crochet in the Front and Back Loop

Lesson 13 – How to Fasten Off