The bitter cold has passed and the trees and flowers are in full bloom. You have packed away your bulky winter clothes, coats, scarves, gloves and hats for the season. It’s warm and sunny out and the last thing you are thinking about is crocheting a hot sweaty beanie, right? I mean, who on earth would want to wear a hat in the summer? Well, for those fighting cancer it is still an important part of their wardrobe.

The summer months can play havoc on someone fighting cancer. Wigs are a great accessory however they can sometimes be hot and, in my mom’s case, very scratchy and uncomfortable. Most days when my mom was staying home, she preferred her 100% cotton chemo cap. It was soft and cool and it also kept her from getting sunburned when she was outside. Wearing a mesh cap while sleeping will also help catch all the hair as it falls out.

Here are a few simple but important guidelines when thinking about making a summer chemo cap.

  • Best to use T-shirt Yarn, Microfiber, Satin, Silk or 100% Cotton
  • Can contain small holes/gaps on the sides but the top must be solid to prevent sunburn
  • If large holes in pattern, please sew a cloth liner into the cap
  • Sewn cloth turbans are also welcome
  • Please also review the general Donation Guidelines

I have found several designers that have free patterns that would work great as a chemo cap. Below are links to those patterns.

Will you consider making and donating a summer cap for someone fighting cancer? We have many Chapters throughout the US and Canada that would be honored to receive your items and deliver them to a cancer center in their community. So put away your heavy acrylic yarn and dig out your stash of cotton and be a blessing to someone in need.