When I was browsing through a store in downtown Savannah, Georgia, I came across this image from Live for Life Hope For All that shows the cancer awareness ribbon colors. The store had it displayed on their wall and I instantly knew I wanted to research it. I found the organization and have posted the image below.

I also found neat video online that explains how to crochet cancer awareness ribbons so I thought I’d give it a shot. Before I began I wanted to make sure I was choosing the right color that properly represented a specific cancer. Hope this helps you as much as it did me. I have also shared the video below.

  • Pearl, Cream – Lung Cancer
  • Pink – Breast Cancer
  • Yellow – Bladder Cancer
  • Red – Head and Neck Cancer
  • Burgundy – Multiple Myeloma
  • Purple – Pancreatic, Testicular, Thyroid Cancer
  • Lavender – General Cancer Awareness
  • Blue – Colon, Colo-rectal Cancer (alternative-brown)
  • Gold – Childhood Cancer (alternative-pink, light blue)
  • Teal – Ovarian, Cervical, and Uterine Cancer
  • Orange – Leukemia, Kidney Cancer
  • White – Bone Cancer
  • Black – Melanoma (skin cancer)
  • Gray – Brain Cancer
  • Jade – Liver Cancer
  • Periwinkle – Esophageal, Stomach Cancer
  • Pink & Blue – Inflammatory Breast Cancer