Pam Harshman

In Memory
March 30, 1949 – March 5, 2014

Pam was the co-founder and inspiration behind Crochet for Cancer, Inc. She was diagnosed with stage 3A uterine cancer in October, 2011. After beginning chemotherapy treatment, she made herself several crochet caps similar to ones she had received from a non-profit near her home in northern Indiana. Someone had donated caps to the organization (Riverbend Cancer Services) and Pam had been blessed to receive a few. It was at this moment that she and her daughter Tracy felt the Lord telling them to give back and help others like Pam was helped. During her treatments, Pam and Tracy began to crochet caps to donate to the infusion center and would place an uplifting scripture on each one. Since that day, Crochet for Cancer, Inc. has grown by leaps and bounds inspiring ladies from around the world to donate caps to their local hospitals and oncology offices. Crochet for Cancer, Inc. has now partnered with numerous cancer centers and founded several chapters throughout the US & Canada.

Pam began her new victorious life in heaven on March 5, 2014. Her legacy is continuing through each handmade item that is donated to a cancer fighter.

Tracy & Carl Wells

Co-Founders, Board Members
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South Georgia Chapter

Tracy and Carl Wells live near Savannah, Georgia and are co-founders of Crochet for Cancer, Inc., along with Tracy’s mom Pam. Tracy works as the Executive Director and handles the marketing, research and day to day operations of the organization. Tracy also runs a chapter and delivers caps to cancer centers around south Georgia.

Creating Crochet for Cancer has truly been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life. I feel so blessed to be able to share this experience with my family and most especially with my mom. She is my inspiration and best friend. ~Tracy

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Julie Allen

Chapter Leader - Southern Indiana
Southern Indiana Chapter

Julie is a breast cancer survivor and learned to crochet when she was 10 years old. Each month women in the community would visit the girls in the orphanage where Julie lived and taught them to sew, knit and crochet. She fell in love with sewing and crocheting and has used those talents to give her family members handmade afghans and presents throughout the years. Julie and her husband have two daughters and five grandchildren. Tragically they lost a son when he was 17 years old in a motorcycle accident.

These past few years have been tough and I ask God how much more I can take…but I do trust him and my faith grows stronger each day. As I was going through radiation I saw a lot of patients losing their hair and it touched my heart. When I saw the Crochet for Cancer site I knew I wanted to get involved and give back, or as they say “Pay it forward.” ~Julie

Southern Hats
c/o Julie Allen
P.O. Box 1213
Vincennes, Indiana 47591


Christina Bacigalupa

Chapter Leader - Baltimore, MD
Baltimore, Maryland Chapter

Christina is a self taught crocheter and after experiencing a difficult time in her life she decided to give back to others by crocheting caps for cancer patients. She formed Hooked for Life as a way to show love to others and as a positive force to see herself through a stressful and trying time.

Although my experience is not cancer related, cancer has touched everyone of us at some point in our lives. Whether through a friend, relative or your own personal battle. I want to offer a little bit of encouragement, hope and a gentle “hug” through our donations. ~Chris


Mackenzie Berry & Diana Welham

Chapter Leaders - Wilmington, DE

Mackenzie and Diana have been crocheting since 2009, mostly kicking around with small stuff here and there. Mackenzie picked up the craft more seriously in high school when she was challenged with a personal project. She was determined to learn how to make baby hats for hospitals in her community. Diana stumbled across Crochet for Cancer and realized there wasn’t a chapter in Delaware. When presented with the idea of growing her baby hat mission into something bigger, Mackenzie jumped at the idea. She had watched her stepmother, Michelle, go through 4 rounds of chemotherapy and numerous radiation treatments in her battle against breast cancer.

“When Michelle was diagnosed with stage 2B breast cancer, it really surprised us all since there is no history of breast cancer in her family. Thankfully, and we thank God everyday, it had not reached her lymph nodes. Nonetheless, she still went through many rigorous treatments. She  is the bravest and toughest person I know and I am so thankful she is in my life. I can’t wait to see how proud she is of the work we will do for our chapter.” ~Mackenzie Berry

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Carolyn Dorsey

Chapter Leader - Henderson, KY

Carolyn Dorsey is owner of Memories Past and Present antique and gift shop and Memories Yarn Cafe’ located in Henderson, KY. She has crocheted for years, but put it aside until her two grandchildren were born, making them both blankets for their car seats. Crocheting has become a large part of her life over the past year and a half, making blankets and hats for them and also prayer shawls which are given to friends in need. In November, 2012 her 16 month old grandaughter, Sadie Caroline, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia which is a very aggressive cancer. Unfortunately, she lost her little Sadie on December 21, 2012, at just 17 months old. She has decided to form the Sadie Sunshine Chapter of Crochet for Cancer, Inc. in memory of Sadie and her always sunshine smile.

When we lost Sadie to cancer, I began to search for something permanent and ongoing that I could do in her memory and found the Crochet for Cancer cause exactly what I needed. The chemo hats will go to cancer patients at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and our local hospital. I believe that the true way to find happiness in this life is to do whatever you can to bless others.


Sue Erdman

Chapter Leader

I am a cancer survivor! I have been married for over 34 years to the love of my life and have 4 wonderful children! I am also blessed with one grandchild. I am a kindergarten teacher at a small Lutheran School. My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was a teenager. During my cancer treatment, I had many sweet friends bring me care packages and this warmed my heart and brought so much comfort to me that I would like to do the same for those experiencing a cancer diagnosis. I love that this organization allows me to share my faith in God and His love and care! I am honored to be a chapter leader and it is my prayer that the gifts we make will bring comfort and hope to many people!

Pauline Fortier

Chapter Leader - Ontario Canada

Pauline has been crocheting for since 2011 and learned by watching videos online.  In the Fall of 2012 she formed Pauline’s Precious Moments, a chapter of Crochet for Cancer, Inc., that will make and distribute chemo caps, prayer blankets, slippers and any other items that will benefit cancer patients. Pauline lost her mother and several aunts to this unforgiving disease and she has made it one of her goals to spend time with the patients to help uplift them in any way she can.

I want to make the cancer patients going through chemotherapy just a little more comfortable. I want them to know they are forever in my thoughts and they are not alone. I believe it takes a society to come together to help in any way they can in the battle against cancer. ~Pauline

Pauline’s Precious Moments
c/o Pauline Fortier
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Alexandra Fatokun

Chapter Leader - Alberta, Canada

My name is Alexandra Fatokun; crochet and lemonade maker. I am a self-taught crocheter, full time mom, full time employee, entrepreneur, blogger, website designer, motivational speaker, married since “forever”, and above all a lover of God. Always super excited about opportunities to give back.

I believe that when life throws you lemons…. you make lemonade! a.k.a being proactive… a.k.a making your own fun!

Handcraft’d Luv started in 2015; born out of the desire to learn something new; and as a way to kill boredom. Little did I know that that day in November 2015, as I walked into Walmart to buy my first yarn and crochet hook, I was walking into destiny. Today, it has blossomed to become a global initiative!

I have been involved in a few projects / initiatives to bless the others within the community including:
• The Preemie hat challenge through which over 140 crochet preemie hats were made and donated to NICUs across Canada and USA.
• Making and donating free hats/toques for the homeless community in downtown Calgary : A hat, a meal ..and a bible verse.
• Making and donating free crochet hats and calming octopus ‘stuffies’ to NICUs and sick kids
• The ‘Naija’ preemie project; fundraiser for premature/maternal health care provision in Nigeria.

I stumbled upon Crochet for Cancer online by accident but I knew right away, I would love nothing more than to be a part. Even though I have never been impacted by cancer but any opportunity to share God’s love and to encourage others will be a great honor.

I love to crochet, and I love to give…. after all, we’ve been blessed to be a blessing. I don’t know where it will lead, but it is a journey… and I am enjoying every step of it!

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Lora Galluzzi

Chapter Leader - Maryville, TN

My name is Lora Galluzzi and I live in Maryville, Tennessee. I’m a mom to 1 daughter Jennifer and a Mamaw to 1 grandson Kip. I have been crocheting for over 30 years and am a self taught Crocheter. In March 2017 my sister got the dreaded call, you have a breast cancer and not only that, but it’s a genetic cancer which raises the stakes all around. That is when I began surfing the web and searching about chemotherapy products. I was with her at the Cancer Center and noticed a basket with chemo caps in it for the taking, and a light bulb came on in my head. That’s it, that’s what I want to do, start a group for donating crocheted items. So when I found Crochet For Cancer my prayer was answered. And here I am, ready to bless and put a smile on someone’s face one stitch at a time. Pink Stitches With Love is ready to hook.

I’m here ready to bless and put a smile on someone’s face one stitch at a time. Pink Stitches With Love is ready to hook. ~Lora

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Victoria Gabbidon

Chapter Leader - Boston, MA

Victoria started crocheting when she was a young girl around the age of 6 or 7.  Her big sister taught her and she has loved it ever since. Although she has lost a few family members to this terrible disease, her mom is a breast cancer survivor and going strong!

Victoria owns a small business, Distinct Element, that sells crochet accessories, but to her, giving back is what’s most important. She formed Stitchin’ for a Cure to do just that.

 I pray these small items be a shield of comfort to those in the battle. ~Victoria

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Shannon Hebert

Chapter Leader - Winterville, ME

First and foremost I am a child of God. I am a mother of two beautiful children, a wife and a sister to my three AMAZING sisters. I work for our local community bank in the commercial loans/retail department. When I am not working I spend time with family and friends or work in my craft room. God gave me the talent of working with my hands, making beautiful handmade items to share with others.

Having sisters to grow up with, is truly a blessing, and when you have a sister that you have many things in common with, it becomes a double blessing.  Each one of my sisters and I share very special bonds that are commonly linked.

We received bad news that would change our lives when one of my younger sisters (39 at the time) was diagnosed with pancreatic Cancer.   She was diagnosed with stage 3 in April of 2014 and lost her battle on January 19, 2015. Not even a year had passed. I had initially put my carrier on hold for a month to be by her side for chemo treatments, as she lived 1500 miles away from me.  I came home; we celebrated Christmas and the good news she was in remission, only to have it all change in the next week to be told she only had weeks to live! It had spread throughout her intestines. I once again placed my carrier on hold, along with another sister that lives in my area and drove down to stay by her side, until the end.

Cancer affects not just the individual but every family member.  She and I shared a love of crocheting and were going to start our own chapter before she was diagnosed,  but did not have the chance to get it off the ground. I have formed my chapter here in Northern Maine in honor of my beautiful sister Dawn, who has gone home to be with our Lord.

My goal will be to “Turn Life’s Inspirations, into my Creations” to bring happiness to someone who is going through their own journey.

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Hilliary Jones

Chapter Leader - Southwest Georgia

Hilliary taught herself to crochet, and has been crocheting since 2009. She learned the basics of crochet from her cousin while passing time in the hospital while their grandfather was in the ICU. Hilliary is always challenging herself with new projects and techniques. She has just started teaching crochet classes at a local yarn shop, The Fuzzy Goat.

Her love for crochet has grown since the moment she first held a hook. Now she wishes to share her love for crochet through Crochet for Cancer with her southwest Georgia chapter, Stitches for Sister. This chapter is named in memory and honor of Beth Sharp: a daughter, sister, wife, and mother who will forever be remembered and missed. She represents all of the daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers out there fighting their own battle with cancer.

Through this chapter, my wish is to impact and spread love with crochet to all those fighting their battle: girls, boys, women, and men.

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Donna & Don Logan

Chapter Leader - Florence, KY

Donna created My Sisters’ Gifts to honor her sisters – one on Earth and two in heaven.  She lost one sister to breast cancer in 1998 and a sister to Multiple Systems Atrophy in 2008.  Donna is a daughter, sister, wife, teacher, and crafter.  Her hope is that crocheting hats, prayer cloths, and prayer shawls will bring comfort and blessings to those going through cancer treatments. Donna lives in Florence, KY with her husband Don.

I feel so incredibly blessed to be part of Crochet for Cancer.  I’m sure my grandmother would be pleased to see that teaching me to crochet so many years ago would touch the lives of many. ~Donna Logan

For more information visit My Sisters’ Gifts on Facebook.

Caitlin, Myrna & Erin Malimban

Chapter Leaders - Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, Arizona Chapter

My two older daughters, Erin and Caitlin, learned how to crochet about 5 years ago in their tween years. That is when I rediscovered my love for the craft. We crocheted often, together with my mom, always itching to start a new project: Who needs something crocheted? Whose birthday is coming up next?

Then my mom’s sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in the summer of 2011. I crocheted my first chemo cap for my aunt. Thankfully, after 3 (difficult) rounds of chemotherapy, her cancer went into remission. We then crocheted and donated caps to patients at her hospital in NC. We felt, though, that we could do more, something closer to home. After thinking and praying and searching, the Lord led us to Crochet for Cancer. How wonderful to find a Christian organization that does exactly what we want to do! It became clear to us that we should set up a local chapter and foster this love and support for cancer patients within our network of crocheters. We are pleased to be part of this larger effort of crocheting for charity. It is our hope that the Lord will bless these efforts and deeply impact the lives of both the givers and receivers of these lovingly hand-crafted gifts.

And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity. ~1 Corinthians 13:13

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Louise A. Murphy

Chapter Leader - Hamburg, NJ

Louise is a mother, grandmother, sister, sister-in-law, cousin and wife of a cancer survivor.  Nothing readies you or your family for the “C” word, but when it happens, nothing beats the support and love of others!

Toasty Noggins was created with family, friends and soon-to-be friends in mind. We hope to support and ease the difficulties associated with the battle against cancer by providing hats created, collected and provided by local and national supporters to be distributed to area hospitals and cancer centers.

If the creation and donation of a one-of-a-kind hat brings comfort and a smile to those fighting the fight of their lives, then I’m happy. We strive to make every beautiful noggin toasty warm, one hat at a time.”

Toasty Noggins Chapter
c/o Louise Murphy
P.O. Box 153
Hamburg, NJ  07419
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Lynn Pruitt

Chapter Leader - Hartwell, GA

Lynn is a retired business owner living with her husband on Lake Hartwell.  Enjoying retirement was wonderful at first but she soon grew bored and needed a hobby.  She remembered how much she loved crocheting as a young mother.  She picked it up again after many years and proceeded to make more hats and scarfs than her family and friends could wear.

One day she noticed a friend on Facebook that was going through cancer treatments.  Her friend was excited about a hat that had been given to her to keep her “bald head warm”.  It was then Lynn realized what her next calling was. She began looking on the internet and came across Crochet for Cancer.  The Christ centered approach meshed well with her love of Christ and Christian beliefs.  Soon after she applied for a chapter and was delighted to begin her journey crocheting for cancer patients.

Katharine Tate

Chapter Leader - Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA Chapter

Katharine’s mom taught her how to crochet while she was in high school and she immediately fell in love with it. In January, 2013 Katharine’s mom was diagnosed with Leukemia and soon began taking treatments. Katharine began crocheting her mom chemo caps after hearing from a nurse that the cancer center was out-of-stock.

Giving a handmade item to someone fighting cancer is something I feel led to do. My mom loved wearing her hats at night to keep her head warm. My husband and I want to be an example to our daughter of how we should love others and give of ourselves when we have an opportunity.

For more information please visit Stitch for Life on Facebook.

Karen Veldkamp

Chapter Leader - Central Michigan
Central Michigan Chapter

Karen has a passion for her family, friends, and for crocheting. Her mother taught her to crochet in 2010 and she’s never looked back. After seeing several loved ones face the challenges associated with cancer, she felt like God was calling her to form a chapter in her community.

I have seen my best friend, Christy and my mom win the battle against cancer and they are survivors. Praise God. However, I have lost 2 dear friends to this terrible disease. Forming this chapter in honor of my loved ones is a wonderful opportunity for me to show compassion and Gods love to those currently in the fight. ~Karen

Michigan Chapter – Crochet for Cancer
c/o Karen Veldkamp
P.O Box 179
Morley, Michigan 49336
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Debbie Wears

Chapter Leader - Randolph, Ohio

Although considered too young to retire, I was blessed to do so in 2008.  Serving others has always been my passion; this was my opportunity to open doors that would bring comfort and joy to those in need through the mercies of God!

When I was 8 or so my mother gave up teaching me crocheting in exasperation because “you do everything backwards!”  I am a proud Southpaw and was then given a book to become self-taught in crocheting (and knitting).  Fast forward…my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through a four-year battle at the age of 28; she succumbed to the disease at the age of 32, leaving behind two small children and a few worn “chilly caps.”  We nicknamed her Chilly because she wore her donated chemo caps much of the time after her diagnosis.  In 2014 a sweet-spirited woman at my church mentioned she needed more chemo caps…that started me thinking and cranking them out, about 12 a week, donating to the three adult hospitals in Summit and Portage Counties, Ohio.  I formed “Wears Until Cured” to formally participate in the purpose and mission of Crochet for Cancer.  During the crocheting, continual prayer goes to the Lord to heal as he deems fit the person wearing the hat and to give comfort to the one wearing it, as well as to their family.

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